Single urine test for multiple disease detection

Experience tailored cancer screening through the precision of spectroscopy combined with cutting-edge computational algorithms

Named after Sherlock Holmes's bloodhound

How It Works

1. Patient

Provides a urine sample

2. Lab

Analyzes the sample via spectroscopy

3. Artificial Intelligence

Diagnoses the patient as cancer-positive or cancer-negative

The Benefits

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Accurate screening fuels the early detection of health conditions, enabling timely intervention and improved treatment outcomes

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Affordable advanced screening drives widespread adoption and fosters improved healthcare affordability and accessibility
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Truly noninvasive urine-based screening is convenient and enhances healthcare accessibility and patient comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Volatomic Insights different vs. the other solutions out there?

We differentiate in many ways. Here are the top 2: (1) Our test is urine-based and not blood-based. Patients prefer providing urine rather than having their blood drawn. (2) The current industry approach is to train classical Machine Learning models on subsets of individual biomarkers whereas we train advanced Artificial Intelligence models against the totality of the spectra.

Why is our test the true noninvasive test?

Historically, a tissue biopsy was the only option in healthcare. Next came the minimally invasive blood test. Urine is the analyte that can be obtained in a true noninvasive fashion. Collecting blood requires venipuncture while urination is a naturally occuring function of the body.

When will you add other tests?

Due to the complex nature of our work, we do not provide exact timelines. We will add additional disease models to our test when we are confident in their performance.

How can I help shorten the timelines for a specific disease I’m interested in?

We love finding new collaborators! Reach out to us if you: (1) Have access to urine samples either stored in a biobank or the ability to procure fresh samples. (2) Would like to invest about $500k for us to create a new test for the specific disease that you’re interested in. Please note that diseases outside of cancer are acceptable targets.

Be part of the movement for early detection via spectroscopy of urine and artificial intelligence

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